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Air Filter Cleaning Service

Filter Cleaning Service

The Heneveld Group is now offering customers the option to have their existing dust collector filters cleaned. Save up to %60 off the cost of new filters. Interested? Contact us with questions or for a free quote.

Examples include:

Dust collector cartridges
Mining & construction machinery intake air filters
Gas turbine intake filters
Vacuum pump intake filters
Cylindrical cartridge filters/miscellaneous industries

Combustible dust strategies

Should I be concerned...Will OSHA shut me down...Where do I even start?

The world of combustible dust can be confusing and complex, but it doesn't have to be. Preventative safety measures are the best way to prevent injury and avoid OSHA violations. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a National Emphasis Program and continues to communicate with most industries on the hazards of combustible dust. The agency's focused effort is targeted at reducing combustible dust risks in industrial plant settings. Is your plant effectively managing the risks associated with combustible dust in its processes?

We can help!

Do not run from the fire. Better yet run to the solution. The Heneveld Group works with you along with local and state authorities having jurisdiction to help reduce combustible dust risks in industrial plant settings.

SMOG-HOG and Mist Buster filter cell cleaning service

SMOG-HOG Mist Buster cell cleaning service

Heneveld Industrial Group proudly provides electrostatic cell cleaning services to over 50 Companies in Michigan and Northern Indiana. Do you have a SMOG-HOG or Mist Buster Electrostatic precipitator in your facility? These high quality fume and mist extractors remove airborne particulates that can cause respiratory problems and unsafe work environments. We offer an alternative solution to an otherwise costly shutdown of production to perform electrostatic cell cleaning and routine maintenance. Contact us if we can add your businesses to the list of or regularly scheduled customers that take advantage of our convenient off site cell cleaning and preventive maintenance program.

Smog-hog mist collection

How do you measure surface tension?

In preparing to write this blog, I decided (as always) to do a little research.  My thought was that this must be a simple thing with a simple answer – – well, not so much!  There are several general methods of measuring surface tension with several different implementations of each.  The most common method appears to be lowering a thin plate, rod, wire shape or tube into the liquid to wet it and then, using a balance or other weighing device, lifting the immersed item while measuring the weight exerted on it by the surface tension of the liquid.  The maximum force corrected for the weight of the item, buoyancy and other factors including the adhesion of the liquid being measured to the item immersed can be used to measure surface tension.

Basic method for measuring surface tension.

But what if the liquid does not wet the surface?  The technique then becomes one of measuring the force that must be exerted downward to break the surface tension which is a completely different problem.

Another method uses the droplet size that can be generated at the end of a hypodermic needle with one of several end configurations as an indicator of surface tension.  Higher surface tension liquids, of course, produce larger droplets.  This method is complicated by the extension of the droplet as it breaks free, the density of the liquid and several other factors.

Finally, there are methods that use the size bubble produced as a gas is introduced into a liquid through a small tube to determine surface tension.  Smaller bubbles indicate lower surface tension.

What I expected to be a simple challenge turned out to be majorly complex involving a number of different techniques and a LOT of math – – much more than I can cover in this blog.  What I did get out of all of this was that there seems to be no single way of measuring surface tension that is applicable in all situations.  The other thing is that it is very easy to confuse surface tension and wettability.  Using mercury as an example, mercury has a very high surface tension but will not wet glass yet it easily wets copper despite its high surface tension.

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Heneveld Group now a proud manufacturer representative for Diversitech

Diversitech is a leading manufacturer of downdraft tables, wet & dry dust collectors, fume extractors & more. Contact our sales consultants for more information and ask about our free trial offer. See more Divresitech  products at

diversitech 3

diversitech 2

diversitech 4

Micromag compact magnetic filters saves thousands

Heneveld Industrial Group would like you to consider Micromag compact magnetic filters

A magnetic filter is ideal for single cell machines and smaller wash stations. The manual clean magnetic filter can be easily installed on new or existing equipment. With a high intensity magnetic core and patented fluid flow path, magnetic filtration ensures removal of almost 100% of ferrous contamination. If you would like more information about this or any of our other filtration equipment please contact us and check out the full Micromag compact magnetic filter brochure.

• Patented design • High collection capacity relative to size • Non-block design • Easy clean
• Compact design • No reduction in pressure or flow • Rapid return on investment


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