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Cabinet Washers

Cabinet Washers

Utilizing spray technology, our cabinet washers are effectively used in industries ranging from remanufactured railroad drivetrain parts to in-process cleaning for jet engine components. With little engineering required to fit your application, our platform based cabinet type parts washers are extremely cost competitive.

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Conveyor Washers

Conveyor parts washers are ideal for cleaning parts automatically in a continuous process. Engineered for floor space requirements while providing exceptional cleaning and drying performance conveyor parts washers are designed in single- and multi-stage configurations to clean parts and perform any additional processes if required. Conveyer parts washer can be easily customized by adding various pre-engineered options to enhance system performance and meet all of your cleaning specifications and requirements.

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Conveyer Washer
Custom Spray Washers

Custom Spray Washers

Some custom spray washer examples:

  • Plastic Dunnage - Belt Conveyor
  • Diesel Fuel Lines - Custom Cabinet
  • Shredded Metal Recycling - Drum Washer
  • Stamped Stainless Sinks - Monorail Conveyor
  • Power Generator Engine Blocks- Custom ImmersoJet
  • Heat Exchangers - Custom Conveyor
  • Offroad Engine Blocks - High Pressure Deburr System

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Drum washers

Drum washers are ruggedly constructed parts washers that provide a lifetime of reliable service in the harshest industrial environments. Utilizing both, spray and immersion technology, our drum washers are effectively used in industries ranging from remanufactured automotive parts, screw machine parts, cold headed, to final cleaning for ammunition shells and bullets. Aside from cleaning, these drums can also be used to process polishing and surface finishing media along with your parts. Whether your needs are for a continuous, batch, burnishing, cob or media operation. Contact a sales leader to assist you today.

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Drum Washer
Rotary basket washer

Rotary Basket Industrial Parts Washers

Designed to fit into your work cell area or a smaller production environment, the Rotary Basket immersion cleaning systems offered by Ransohoff clean using our patented washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, rotation, hydraulic purging through immersion, and heated blow-off drying. Totally enclosed self-ventilating process – operator is not exposed to vapors or mists found in other cleaning processes.

As a standard design, these cell washers process parts in the industry standard Kadon style basket designed to hold and protect your delicate parts during the entire cleaning process. Our carriage can be modified to accommodate your current baskets or new, custom fixtures.

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Tank Systems

Heneveld Industrial Group is a proud Blackstone~NEY Ultrasonics manufacture representative, a standard line of industrial parts cleaning equipment as well as custom engineered ultrasonic cleaning systems for use in a broad range of applications. Applications include cleaning equipment and parts of nearly any description to degrease and remove oil, buffing compound, vibratory finishing media, chips, and other soluble and non-soluble contaminants utilizing aqueous and solvent-based chemistries. The smallest ultrasonic cleaner utilizes a single ultrasonically activated tank for use in limited production or very low throughput applications. A complete, ultrasonic cleaning system designed for high production use often consists of an ultrasonic cleaning station, one or more ultrasonic rinse stations and a dryer all within a single console. Automated operation and parts handling reduce labor requirements and assure process consistency. No part washer job is too small or too large not to be of interest to our dynamic and creative engineering staff.

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Agisonic Washer

Ultrasonic System Washers

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Ultrasonic LeanVeyors

The Ultrasonic LeanVeyor Immersion Cleaning System utilizes a combination of spray, immersion, and ultrasonic cleaning technologies and has proven successful in achieving Six Sigma consistency in a number of applications requiring high production outputs and tight cleanliness levels. Parts with complex and internal geometries that need final cleaning prior to assembly are ideal candidates. This cleaning process has proven to significantly reduce or eliminate warranty related failures that would be attributed to inadequate part cleaning.

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Ultrsonic Washers

Vibratory Washers

These mighty cleaning machines have long been a popular tool for both automotive and industrial cleaning applications. Alternator and starter housings, machined parts, CV’s, water pump housings, connecting rods, castings, valves, basically anything made of metal that needs to be cleaned, can be cleaned in a shaker.

The vibratory action of the media works like little brushes, helping the cleaning solution scrub parts down to bare metal. Besides cleaning, they’re also great for de burring, buffing, and polishing parts quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

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