Did you know industrial vacuum systems can increase a company’s bottom line in a variety of ways? Industrial vacuums offer significant benefits to the efficiency of housekeeping tasks in your facility. Additional benefits include: maintaining higher product quality, material reclamation, reduced wear and tear on equipment — meaning less downtime for maintenance and repair costs, longer production runs, and probably the most significant savings, reduced labor cost.

Industrial Vacuum Systems help take your general cleaning regiments with mops, brooms, and store-bought shop type vacs to the next level, creating a more efficient and safer workplace. Did you know industrial vacuums are capable of sucking up to six tons of material per hour, or that industrial vacuums filter fine particles up to 0.3 microns, or that industrial vacuums can cost as little as $1000? Whatever your need might be, we can help find the right vacuum for your company.

Although there are countless benefits when it comes to using an industrial vacuum system, below are our top three:

  1. Reduced Labor Cost: It is always great when you can make your production more efficient and cost-effective, but have you taken a look at your cleaning process? The cleaning process is often overlooked, but manual cleanup or the use of inadequate equipment can significantly reduce your overall ROI. One of the most apparent methods to bring substantial labor savings is to reduce the steps involved in any manual process. Utilizing a vacuum system that integrates a wand and squeegees designed for such powders, so users can clean the walls and floor of the spray booth quickly, reduces the steps by half. The use of a powerful industrial vacuum also adds to the labor savings because it is 30% faster than shop-type vacuum equipment, covers more area, and picks up finer material. What once took 2 ½ to three hours can now be completed in less than half the time, speeding up overall productivity.
  2. Material Reclamation: Beyond reducing labor costs and increasing overall productivity, the use of industrial vacuums also allows manufacturers to significantly reduce material cost by recovering and reusing materials which in turn reduces the need to treat the material as hazardous waste. There are many ways that industrial vacuum cleaning systems can recover materials. Portable systems with changeable collection containers allow manufacturers to capture and recover materials from diverse production runs in separate containers for later reuse. When needed, solid particles can be separated from collected liquid with a Chip Basket and Liner, allowing liquids, such as coolant, to be reused and the solids to be disposed of.
  3. Less Downtown for Maintenance and Repairs: If your product is not affected by debris and dust, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in the clean. Sometimes it’s the equipment used to produce the product that is more affected by the dust. Some abrasive materials can create dust and particles that can reduce equipment life and ultimately cause failure and unscheduled downtime costing companies money and time in maintenance, replacement parts, and diminished productivity. In most cases, this will cause the facility to have more downtown for cleaning and repairs and shorter production runs, causing a loss of income, all while labor costs for the maintenance and repairs are higher. Employing industrial vacuum systems to remove dust and debris can save companies tens of thousands of dollars per year in term of materials, labor, and equipment,


As you can see, industrial vacuum systems offer a wide variety of benefits for you and your facility. From HEPA and Combustible Dust Vacuums to Trim Recovery and Central Vacuum Systems, there is an industrial vacuum perfect for your application. To learn more, contact our team today!

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