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Vacuum Systems

Keeping your workplace clean is crucial for workplace and employee safety. Our industrial vacuum systems have the options and power to keep up with your dust and particulates that are collecting on your workplace floors, machines and walls.

Dependent on your need, that is a vacuum system for you. All are customizable to ensure you get exactly what you need. needs we see daily. Below are a few collector types, each able to be customized to fully satisfy your demands.

There are many popular vacuum systems

Some of these popular systems include:

Wet/Dry Portable Industrial Vacuums

These vacuums are available in single or double venturi power, so the suction source is up to you and your needs. These systems include an internal dust filter and an autovac liquid cut off.

HEPA Vacuums

Compliant with OSHA regulations, HEPA vacuum systems are recommended when dealings with toxic or hazardous materials. Some common uses are for pharmaceutical powers, hexavalent chrome, silica, lead and asbestos.

Continuous Duty Vacuums

These systems utilize a continuous bagging system. These are ideal when handling fine dusts that could potentially be harmful if you come in contact with them. These systems reduce operator exposure and prevent the potential for dust clouds.

Combustible Dust Vacuums

While meeting NFPA 77 standards, these vacuums are also ATEX tests and certified, which ensures a safe cleaning for any combustible dust you may have.

Liquid Recovery Vacuums

Systems available for all types of liquids – including flammable liquids and liquids that have solid particles. These vacuums will clean the liquids and any solid particles are filtered into their own basket for easy removal. The liquid will then be cleaned of the larger materials and can be reused, if needed.

Central Vacuum Systems

These systems are ideal for larger areas that are looking for a more (semi) permanent unit. From custom vacuum systems to pre-packaged, there will be a system for you meeting all your needs.


Heneveld offers the products and services to solve your filtration and collection needs.

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