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Our Past Projects

From big to small, we are proud of all our completed projects! Solving your problems by creating the best solution is what we do best. Check out some of the applications we have completed below, feel free to reach out to learn more or to see how we can help you!

Stainless Steel Ducts

Installation of customized 8” stainless steel duct run used in their fume collection process.

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Mist Collectors

Two WSO 25-2 Mist Collectors were installed to replace existing smog hog machines. The WSO 25-2 Mist Collectors improved the shop air quality, improved overall air filtration, and saved money due to eliminating the need for Smog Hog service.

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Blast Machines

Installation of two blast machines to an existing dust collector. These blast machines use bead blasting to clean metal products, with the dust collector collecting the dust material caused by this.

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Dust Collection System

An upgraded dust collection system was installed at a woodworking center. In addition to the dust collector, fume collector arms were also added for increased collection and safety.

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Smoke Collecting Drum

A 55-gallon drum was added as a buffer between an existing collector and the Tri-Mist Electrostatic Collector. The drum will act like a smoke collector, reducing the smoke in the plant caused from the CNC Plasma Cutter. A simple solution that produced great results!

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Bump Out

Heneveld Industrial Groups warehouse “bump out” that features almost everything we do! This space is where we clean Smog Hog filters and it features a water treatment system with an oil skimmer, and a custom ventilation hood and ductwork for mist and fume collection.

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Custom Cleaning Equipment

This custom cleaning unit utilizes various ultrasonic products, as well as offering adjustable-height work stations. This 36″ wide work station includes an ultrasonic wash tank and a rinse station, both having their own pump and cartridge filter.

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