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Filter Cleaning

We offer an in-house filter cleaning service providing you an environmentally friendly option to throwing your filters away while saving you money! If your filters are not cleanable or damaged, we offer replacement filters and will dispose of your unusable filters for you.

Cartridge Filters

Most cartridge filters have the ability to be cleaned multiple times before needing to be replaced, after being cleaned they will have the efficiency of a new filter, but you will be saving upwards of 50% of a new filter.

Washed, Dried, and Tested

Our process includes dry cleaning your filters by hand then in our Sonic Dry Clean machine, they will then be wet washed and thoroughly dried in our industrial dryer made specially for filters. Once dried, they will be light tested to ensure there are no tears or holes in your filters. A report will be completed that will show each filter’s weight and airflow before and after cleaning, and if they passed the light check. They will then be boxed and shipped back to you.

Continue or Replace

If a filter fails a light test due to tears or holes, you have the choice to continue to use that filter (not recommended), or we will be able to dispose of properly for you and we will be able to order you a new filter and have it shipped directly to your facility.


Heneveld offers the products and services to solve your filtration and collection needs.

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