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Air Cleaning Process

How does Sonic Dry Clean Work? It starts with a weight measurement and pressure differential measurement of the filter. It then goes into the Sonic Dry Cleaner where it uses specially designed computerized sequences of vibration, compressed air, and vacuum suction to give you the cleanest filter possible. The vibration loosens any large material that might be stuck in the filter after that is completed a series of compressed air shoots from within the filter to push material out of the filter. The Sonic Dry Cleaner works up and down the filter to make sure filter is fully cleaned. Once the cycle is complete the filter is reweighed and the pressure differential is retaken. The filter is then taken into a black room where it is inspected using a light bar to check for any breaches of the filter media. Those numbers are recorded along with the state of the filter
and are shared with the customer.



Customer Report

As part of the service, The Heneveld Industrial Group will track all filters. Each filter is given its
own identification number which allows us to track the filter through the system and also keep
a good record of the number of times it has been cleaned. All weight and pressure differential
measurements before and after the cleanings are recorded and shared with the customer. A
report, like the one on the left, will be shared with the customer once the clean filters have
been delivered.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

By using the Sonic Dry Cleaning System, you are not only receiving a cost-effective solution but
also an effective option for recycling the air filter, while serving our renewed commitment to
the environment and to sensible solid waste management practices.





Combustible Dust

All cleaned materials will be tested in a “go or no go test” performed by The Heneveld Industrial Group. We will share with the customer if your dust is combustible and the price to clean will be slightly increased if your material is combustible. Our cleaning equipment and dust collector has the precautionary measures to be able to handle an event if it were to occur.

Free Testing

Now that you have all the facts, The Heneveld Industrial Group would like to offer to clean one of your filters for FREE so you, too, can see how this awesome new cleaning process works and how it can save you money. Please contact us today!

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