Product Brochures and Information

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Industrial Vacuums

Air Powered Vacuum Cleaner

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Tools and Accessories

Nordfab® Quick-Fit

Nordfab Ducting Quick Reference

Nordfab Duct Pipe

Quick-Fit Sleeve & O-Ring

Quick-Fit Clamp with Pin

Nordfab Duct Elbows

Nordfab Standard Branch

Nordfab Double Branch

Nordfab Y Branch

Nordfab Clamps for Hose

Nordfab Rubber & Urethane Hose

Angle Flange Adapter

Endcap and Endplate

NFES Automatic Blast Gate

Manual Blastgate

NFMES Blast Gate

SD Automatic Blast Gate

Manual & Automatic Diverter Valve

Ductwork Hangers

Roof and Wall Flashing

Air Volume Chart (CFM)

Nordfab QFS Sealed Duct System

Nordfab Ducting Sealed Parts Assembly

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