Earlier this year, Donaldson Torit was awarded 2020 Product of the Year distinction by the Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) for their Rugged Pleat (RP) Baghouse Industrial Collector. The Rugged Pleat Baghouse high performance and advanced collector design sets a new standard for all existing baghouse collectors currently on the market.


In addition to its advanced collector design and superior filtration technology, this is the most maintenance-friendly baghouse design on the market. A few more benefits include the ability of the Rugged Pleat to effectively handle heavy dust loads and large air volumes while using a PD pump cleaning system to provide energy-efficient filter cleaning. This baghouse combines a cyclone pre-cleaner and baghouse into a single unit creating a one-of-a-kind collector. Let’s take a look at how this innovative baghouse works:


Donaldson Tori Rugged Pleast Baghouse


  1. SuperSep Inlet System pre-separated up to 97% of heavy dust before it even reaches the filters
  2. EvenFlow baffles will help reduce turbulence and evenly distribute airflow to all filters
  3. Ultra-Web Spunbond Pleated Filter Bags provide 94% fewer emissions than standard 16-oz. Single polyester felt and is more durable for heavy dust applications
  4. PD Pump comes with the collector and provides energy-efficient pulse air with reduced condensation for fewer problems with moisture in the winter due to freeze-ups
  5. PerfectPulse cleaning system delivered every pulse directly over the filter to ensure more effective bag cleaning and support longer filter life
  6. Up to 44% fewer filters to service thanks to the optimally-sized pleated filter bags designed to maximize the mount of media per filter


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