If you are looking for a dust collector with no restrictions to your worker’s movement or visibility, the Donaldson Torit Downflo Workstation is a great option! With the ability to fit anywhere on the plant floor, provide easy filter access requiring no tools, and no hood or ductwork needed to operate, these machines are the perfect choice to keep your facility clean from all grinding, sanding, chipping, batch mixing, or welding dust.

Featuring a ledgeless design in combination with Donaldson Torit’s proprietary Ultra-Web® filter media, these Downflo Workstation Dust Collectors deliver exceptional performance in metalworking, woodworking, and process applications where high filtration efficiency and ledgeless construction are often necessary.


In addition to its easy filter access and no need for a hood or ductwork, a few other great features include:

  • Flexible, modular, self-contained workstations
  • Proprietary Ultra-Web cartridge filters provide cleaner air longer
  • Energy savings – recirculate clean air and reduce the need for costly make-up air
  • Ledgeless construction minimizes dust build up inside the collector
  • Reversible louver inlets
  • 10-year warranty

Interested in learning more about these powerful and resourceful machines? Download the product brochure below, or contact our team today!


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