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Oil Skimming

Oil skimming systems will properly remove waste oils, greases and fats from your waters surface. This will help improve your overall water treatment and production efficiency, as well as improve product quality. Oil skimming systems also will help in avoiding potential environment concerns and risks as most times you are able to recycle the oils and greases you recover.

If you already have an oil water separator in place, efficiency will increase by adding an oil skimmer as well. Oil water separators often do not offer an ideal solution for removing the oil and greases once separated. By adding an oil skimmer, this dilemma is solved, as oil skimmers have a separate collection area where these oils, greases and fats go to once collected.

There are many benefits to oil skimming.

A few of these benefits include:

Cost Savings

Cost savings by being able to extend the life of the underlying water, reducing the number of times it will need to be replaced. By properly and regularly removing oils, you will reduce maintenance costs due to clogged materials form excess oil.

Improve Workplace Safety

Improve workplace safety by ensuring excess oil is not creating an oily haze on floors, walls and machines. Oil and grease not collected in a timely matter can also trap bacteria creating foul odors and potential harm for workers that encounter it.

Generate New Revenue

Generate new revenue by using the recovered oil, fats and greases. If cleaned properly, their oils can be brought back to their original specifications and would cost much less than new oil. If cleaning is not an option, the oils could be recycled into new products.


Heneveld Industrial Group offers the products, services and solutions to solve your oil skimming needs.

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