Barrel Hood

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Nordfab’s QF® Barrel Hood is designed to fit 55 gallon drums and provide a fast connection to Quick-Fit ductwork to capture air contaminants and dust in barrel-filling applications.

• Available in Galvanized and 304SS or optional 316SS or carbon steel
• Available with flanged ends in diameters up to 8″, and other various end types.

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ø A in Material T mm Legacy Art. Nr. Art. No.
4 Galv 20ga 3271-0400-100000‍ 8010004315‍
6 Galv 20ga 3271-0600-100000‍ 8010004316‍
8 Galv 20ga 3271-0800-100000‍ 8010004317‍
4 304SS 20ga 3271-0400-200000‍ 8010004312‍
6 304SS 20ga 3271-0600-200000‍ 8010004313‍
8 304SS 20ga 3271-0800-200000‍ 8010004314‍