Gripple Hanger

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Specify size. Length is 15 feet.

Most common hanging method for QF® duct due to ease of use.

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ø A in Material Weight (lbs) Legacy Art. Nr. Art. No.
1 Galv Up to 22 lbs 3266-1500-022LBS‍ 8010004090‍
2 Galv Up to 100 lbs 3266-1500-100LBS‍ 8010004091‍
3 Galv Up to 200 lbs 3266-1500-200LBS‍ 8010004092‍
4 Galv Up to 495 lbs 3266-1500-495LBS‍ 8010004093‍
5 Galv Up to 715 lbs 3266-1500-715LBS‍ 8010004094‍
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