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Donaldson Torit Cartridge Filters offer the best performance and value in the industry.  Their advanced technology cartridge dust collector filter media that conquer the challenges of most types of industrial dusts.

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(289 MM X 365 MM) OD X 660 MM L, (11.36″ X 14.36″) OD X 26.00″ L

Ultra-Web Flame Retardant Oval Cartridge Filter, (289 mm X 365 mm) outer diameter X 660mm long, (11.36-inch X 14.36-inch) outer diameter X 26.00-inches long, Open/Open Endcaps for Downflo Containment System, Downflo Oval, Downflo WorkStation and other brands of cartridge collectors.


Additional information

Outer Diameter

11.36 inch (289 mm)

Outer Diameter 2

14.36 inch (365 mm)


26.00 inch (660 mm)

Media Type

Ultra-Web, Flame Retardant

Inner Diameter

7.98 inch (203 mm)

Inner Diameter 2

10.98 inch (279 mm)

Temperature Limit

179.60 F (82 °C)

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