Are you looking for a replacement filter for your Parker ProBond™ filters? Well, we have good news! We are excited to announce that we have multiple alternatives for recently discontinued ProBond filters, thanks to our friends at Strainrite. Available in numerous configurations to meet whatever your needs may require, these Resin Bonded Felt Products will not only replace applications previously requiring Probond media but will offer additional benefits as well.

These Resin Bonded Felt Filters offer additional surface area, longer life, higher throughput, less changeout labor, enhanced contamination control, reduced rejected product, and overall cost savings.

These resin-bonded filter media filters benefit from depth while providing more surface area, resulting in disproportionately longer life and fewer filters used.

Although these new filters will require a bag filter housing unit, this also offers flexible options. The same bag filter housing will accept all types of these resin bonded felt filter options. These filter types include:

  1. BRB Resinator Filter Bag AA Style with Added area: 70% more surface area than a typical bag – resulting in longer life. 50% less holdup volume than a standard bag. 
  2. BRB Resinator Filter Bag: The standard bag has a nearly 5-gallon fill capacity for those high-solids loading applications where contaminants form a porous cake. 
  3. Visc-MAXX Pleated Filter: With 18 sq ft in a 27” long (P2) cartridge, this filter can replace up to 36 standard 10” resin bonded filter logs. This filter is best used where longer filter life and maximized throughput are essential. 

As the most economical option to start, we recommend the BRB-AA Resinator design. These filter bags are resin bonded with a fixed pore structure allowing for better quality filtration and do not compress to choke off the flow. This non-compressible medium is ideal for high viscosity fluids. These filter bags also offer more surface area allowing for longer life, more throughput, and in return, will cost you less in the long run.

These resin-bonded felt filter products offer inside to outside flow, reducing mess and creating easier and cleaner changeouts. These filters do not shed and are not glued together, creating the most reliable filter bag construction on the market.

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