What is Preventative Maintenance?

When most people think of Preventative Maintenance, they think the purpose is to fix problems – such as a down dust collector.  Although that’s a common misconception, Preventative Maintenance is really all about preventing the problems before they ever happen!  Think of oil changes for your car. You head to the auto shop when you have reached the recommended mileage to avoid more problems from happening, you don’t decide to get an oil change after your engine already failed. (At least we hope!)

Just like changing your oil regularly avoids larger problems, so does Preventative Maintenance for your workplace and employees.  Whether you need weekly, monthly or annual preventative maintenance routines, making time and priority for Preventative Maintenance will offer many benefits.

The Top 5 Benefits You Should Know!

1. Keep your employees safe.

Poorly maintained equipment and machinery is not only costing you money, but it’s also dangerous to you and your employees.  From oil leaks causing slippery floors to pallet racking not properly secured to faulty forklifts – there are a number of safety hazards that are potentially harmful.  By taking Preventive Maintenance seriously, you show your employees that you take their well-being seriously.  It also helps you avoid OSHA investigations, potential workman’s compensation claims and reduced labor capacity from injured workers.

2. Reduce your warehouse costs.

By up-keeping warehouse supplies and machines, you will be making sure they are always working and running at top performance.  They may need minor fixes during a Preventive Maintenance service, but that is a lot cheaper than replacing the entire system.  The key is to stay ahead of the problem – be proactive, not reactive!

3. Improve overall performance.

Regularly maintained equipment helps it run at peak performance.  The more efficient your equipment runs, the less energy and resources they require – which is another cost saving benefit!  For example, properly maintaining your dust collector keeps your collector running at peak performance and avoids ineffective cleaning, high dust loading, and reduces the chance of the entire machine failing.

4. Keep your warehouse and machine downtime at a minimum.

When a machine goes down for repairing, your company is losing valuable money.  Wasted employee wages since they’re unable to work when a machine is down, as well as loss of sales since you’re unable to produce, are the two biggest ways you lose money while machines are waiting to be repaired.  The goal of Preventative Maintenance is to keep everything running smooth to prevent this dreaded downtime.

5. Keep your customer service ratings high.

Machine failures are not a way to keep your customers happy.  Preventative Maintenance will reduce the risk of machine downtime, ensuring your customers will receive your products in a timely fashion.  On time service makes happy customers!

Getting Started

To get a regularly schedule Preventative Maintenance plan in place, call or email Heneveld Industrial Group today! You can even request an appointment online with our new online scheduler! Our technicians will create the best and most effective plan for your company, and can show your employees what to lookout for.

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