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Maintenance, Repairs and Operations – MRO for short – are key products and supplies to keep your warehouse running.  MRO materials help facilitate your production process, but are not directly incorporated into any final products you create.  These items are commonly referred to as indirect procurement products.

Often overlooked, MRO products are key to keeping your organization running smoothly and efficiently.  Disregarding the importance of a streamlined MRO plan may be due to the many unknowns about the various materials.  Not knowing where to order certain products or how often to order them are two popular reasons.  By streamlining your MRO source to a single provider, these concerns can easily and quickly be solved.

Benefits of establishing a plan for your MRO materials include:

Helps you maintain continuous production

Improves your overall efficiency and reduces potential downtime

Reduces the risk of stock outs

Improves preventative maintenance routines on equipment and machines

Saves you time and money

How Heneveld Industrial Group Can Help

We pride ourselves on being a “one stop shop!”  We are able to help from the initial project design and equipment sale, installation, as well as offer aftercare support.  Maintenance, Repairs and Operation material sales is an area of our business we love to help in.  Below are a few key benefits why Heneveld Industrial Group should be your single source for all your MRO products.

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Dedicated MRO Team

Our MRO team is ready to answer any of your questions and quickly process your orders.  Determining exactly what you need, the amount, and how often you should order is what they do best.  Our team will also be able to help guide you in what to look for so you know when items should be replaced.  This will help make sure you are not replacing items that still have life in them.  From filter bags and media to soaps and chemicals to equipment replacement parts – we have the resources for all your needs!

Competitive Pricing

Heneveld Industrial Group has been in the industry for nearly 30 years, this offers many benefits.  We know and understand the industry, using our knowledge to help our customers with whatever they need.  We also value our loyal relationships with our suppliers.  Our strong vendor relationships have given us the opportunity to provide you with some of the lowest prices in the industry.  This will help you receive the best quality items at minimal cost.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse has many popular MRO items in stock that are ready to be shipped same day.  For items not in stock, most will still have a small turnaround time of less than three days.  This will give you peace of mind that your materials will arrive quickly to avoid any possible stock outs and shut downs.  Is there something you need that we don’t keep in stock that may have a longer lead time? We will work out a plan for you to keep inventory in our warehouse, ensuring the materials will be readily available to you.

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Have any questions on how to use Heneveld Industrial Group as your MRO supplier? Fill out our MRO contact form below – we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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