It’s no secret the dangers of unkept work environments and how crucial housekeeping practices are in keeping you, your workers, and your facility safe. A potential hazard comes from the leakage of oil mists and cutting fluids from process ventilation ducts or operating equipment. These leaks can create health and safety hazards for employees and can also negatively affect your machinery.

Fortunately, Nordfab has recently released their re-designed QFS Gasket for their QFS Sealed Duct Systems. These updated gaskets wrap snugly around their popular Quick-Fit rolled edge duct to create a secure fit – not needing any adhesives.


Benefits of QFS Ducting include:

  • Quick and easy install
  • Leak-proof seals
  • New QFS Sealant that is marine grade and highly resistant to UV exposure
  • QFS components manufactured to complete seal and maintain tight tolerances


The video below showcases the new and improved gasket design and how to easily install these QFS Gaskets on the ends of Quick-Fit ductwork. To learn more about the benefits of Nordfab’s QFS Sealed Ducting, download the brochure here!



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